Creating an invitation is almost as easy as literally writing an invitation card: you write down a date, time and location, a nice message for your guest and of course some nice additions like pictures or other things.

Once you're finished editing, you can easily view your invitation and share the invites' unique generated link with your guests.

Step 1: Click the "Create invite" or "Create first invite" buttons you can find through our product.

An empty invitation is shown were you can add all the things you like.

Step 2: Enter your event's details.

  • For an event to be shared, we need at least a Title, a date and starting time and the description to be filled in.
  • We automatically add an RSVP module for you, which your guest can click on so you know if they'll be attending or not. You can of course remove this if you like but you're not able to track who's coming.

Step 3: Add a cover photo

You can choose pictures provided by us (well, actually we get them from Pixabay).

We're currently building functions (like uploading your own cover-photos as part of a paid 'plus' plan.

Step 4 (optional): Add extra content
You can add extra pieces of content to your invitation by clicking the "Add extra content" button. Here you can add:

  • RSVP: The piece of content that your guests can click on and let you know if they're attending or not.
  • Header: a small title-like piece of text (slightly larger than normal paragraph text
  • Paragraph: normal text
  • Image: You can upload a picture. We'll resize it for you. You can also enter an URL and we'll save the picture.
    Keep in mind that you are responsible for any copyrights that can be applicable to the used image(s).
  • Video: You can enter a Youtube-url and we'll embed the video for you. We plan on supporting other video services later.

Step 5: Save & Share
Once you're happy with the contents and design of your invitation, you're ready to save and share.

Once you hit the save button, you'll be taken to the Share screen where you can easily share the invitation with your guests. Here you can also hit a preview button, which will  take you to the actual invitation. 

When you copy the invitation's generated link to your clipboard, you can paste it wherever you like.

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