We take privacy and data security really seriously. We also want that InvitesYou really is easy to use and can really add value to the lives of the people that create invitations and the people that get invited through InvitesYou.

What this means is that we only collect data we actually need to make the product work as intended. 

For organizers this means that we need a name, email address and ideally a profile picture.

For guests we only need a name and email address. We need guests email address so we can send them a link to manage their RSVP. Also, we can send them a nice .ical format Calendar Item which they can add to their calendar directly from this e-mail. Within this 'functional' communication we do remind your guests that they can use InvitesYou themselves to manage received invitations once they sign-up.

We store the guests email address and names securely in our database and once they sign-up theirselves, we can easily build a profile based on the information we already have (e.g. the events they've attended previously).
We'll never use personal data of guest for commercial activities if we don't explicitly asked for permission to do so.

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