Below you can find an overview of recent releases and updates on InvitesYou.

Release 16-5-2019: Send messages and updates to your guests

  • From today you can send messages to your guests. Send a single guest a message or, for example, send a message to anyone who responded with 'maybe'. Handy if, for example, you first shared a 'save the date' and would like to inform all your guests of, for example, the location that has become known! 

Release 18-4-2019: Plus features

  • Starting today, we offer a number of options that many of our users were waiting for: upload your own cover image, being able to remove our logos and being able to export your guest list. You can buy your own cover image separately for € 3.99 or together with the other features as part of the Plus package for € 20.00. We will add new features to our Plus package in the coming weeks.
  • An update to the invite screen: this way you get a faster glance on who is coming and where you can easily perform actions like viewing your invite and edit it.

Release 31-1-2018: New flow for making invitation. You can donate!

  • Starting today it is easier to make an invitation. We have made numerous improvements to help you create an invitation faster and share it with your guests. The display on mobile phones has also been greatly improved.
  • Do you like InvitesYou? After making your invitation you can send us a donation. Half of your donation always goes to charity! Why donations? We do not believe in advertisements in our platform that analyze your data and the data of your guests in order to display advertisements. We do not sell your data. That is why we believe that we can better focus on the development of InvitesYou and every contribution from our users helps enormously!

Release 5-12-2018: Invite your users via email!

  • Starting today you can start inviting your guests using e-mail. On the share screen, you can now select "Invite via email" and you can add email addresses and send them to your guests. On the attendees page you can see the status of your sent invitations. You can see if someone has opened your invitation-email, the invitation itself, or if it got stuck in someone spam-filter.
    In the coming period, we'll introduce importing your addressbooks by uploading a .CSV file. 
  • Also, we've fixed some bugs an did some small improvements. 

We're very curious what you think, and if anything is missing or could be done differently. Let us know by sending us a message!

Release 11-18-2018: A brand new handy reactions page!

  • Enjoy the new 'reactions' page. Now you can get a better (and better looking) overview of your guests' status. We've build this with new stuff in mind so we'll be adding really nifty features to this page soon!
  • Several technical improvements which make the lives of our developers better - and we all know happy developers eventually (in most situations) means happy users!). This is mainly to make sure future development will go faster.
  • Several bugfixes: InvitesYou didn't work nice in Internet Explorer 11 and MS Edge. Luckily, now it does again. Made another 10% of the world (potentially) happy again!
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