InvitesYou started out in The Netherlands and the large part of our early users are Dutch. With InvitesYou we not only want to provide our homeland the Netherlands with the most beautiful system to invite, but also the rest of the world.

That is why we currently support Dutch and English.

Why then do I only see English, or only Dutch? What do my guests see?
We detect the browser language of the visitors to our site and based on that, show the matching language. If the browser is set to Dutch, InvitesYou is in Dutch. If the browser is set to English, InvitesYou is in English.

Is the browser in a language other than Dutch or English? Then English is shown.

When is French, Spanish, German, Danish, <fill in any language> supported?
We'll be adding support for new languages gradually! If you have a great event coming up and desperately want to use InvitesYou for this, but really need it translated, let us know using the chat! Maybe you can help us a hand!

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