Sometimes we receive messages from our users that they miss certain functionality, or that something does not work as you are used to, for example:

  • I do not receive a notification when someone has signed up
  • I can not invite via e-mail
  • How can people let them know if they have allergies
  • I would like to be able to send my guests a message
  • I would like my guests to also be able to mention that their partner is coming (+1)
  • When I update my profile picture it does not look good

InvitesYou is already quite cool, but we are not there yet in all cases. We are in a so-called "beta" phase. This means that we are aware that certain things do not work, but do want users to already use our product, so that we receive even more valuable feedback on how you use InvitesYou and would like to use them.

All the above mentioned things are already known to us and are already on the planning right now.
Some things are new to us, so keep sending us your requests with functionality that you are missing or that you think works better for you. If there are enough other users who also mention this to us, we might be able to do something with this!

We hope for a a little bit of your understanding. Let us know what you think, only then can we make InvitesYou better!

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